The Breathe Retreat!


I share with enthusiasm that from April 18 to 22 we will celebrate the Breathe Retreat in La Garrotxa, where we will facilitate dynamics of meditation, movement, yoga, creative writing, soundhealing, among others, with Breathing always at the base.

We will be a group of between 15 and 20 people with the desire to share, connect and enjoy in that natural environment.

A hug for everyone🌀

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Breathe Retreat

New Retreat for this April 18-22, 2019 🌀

International Co-creation with 6 Professionals. We will facilitate:
-Breathing sessions (Just Breathe Method)
-Yoga and meditation (For all levels)
-Natural Touch
-Creative writing
-Healing Sound
-Organic food
-English/Spanish (perfect opportunity to improve languages)

Reserve the dates, and join us in this experience where we will meet new friends sharing and exploring in community, how to reconnect with the authenticity and naturalness that we carry inside.

Do you sign up?

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