I Breathe, I Feel

Many people leave us every day. I breathe.
It hurts when it is someone close. I keep breathing.

Death always brings us deep moments of connection.

Today I ask myself, what I want to do and contribute with my life? My legacy, my grain of sand. Something that I can enjoy from now on, and that also lasts over time. For our children, our grandchildren … and continuation of the line.

I breathe, I feel, I feel it very strong … so much, that I cannot, not be faithful to it.

I want to give Hugs, which is to give Love. Many hugs, millions of hugs, to everyone.
It seems that today, this means more than ever.

A Hug, Breathed with Love, for my friend. For all who leave, for all who stay, and for all who will come.

And you, are you ready to feel your contribution?… Well, Just Breathe!

Because breathing inspires! ūüĆÄ
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe!

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