Real Security


It is the inner state that allows you to live in full confidence, no matter what happens outside.

You can choose to live from the outside … Feel it within yourself:
-Wanting to be seen, approved, accepted
-Looking for love, recognition, success,
-Looking for money, health and eternal youth …
I insist, feel it within yourself.

Or you can choose to start, the path of living from the inside… Breathe, breathe a little more:
-I see myself, accept myself and allow myself to be,
-I am love, I love myself, and I recognize myself. Now I know that this is being successful.
-I trust life and myself. I am ready for what happens, because I choose to live from my nature of love, and learn from each experience.
Now breathe, and feel it within yourself..

Because breathing, inspires! ūüĆÄ
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