Breathe and Feel it


You are the only person who can make yourself happy. Breathe and feel it.

Value yourself, allow yourself, love yourself, and do not leave yourself behind.
Breathe and feel it.

Trust yourself and your abilities, because you are unique and that is your greatest power.
Breathe and feel it.

I invite you to a guided breathing session, so that you discover for yourself, how Natural Breathing can help you live from there.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

How to breathe while working out?

Whatever sport you practice, breathing well is vital in order to maintain high energy levels and get the best out of each training.

What are the benefits of breathing exercises while working out?
1- Better concentration and focus. Mental dispersion lowers performance.
2- Maintenance of energy during practice. Conscious and continuous breathing awakens your energy body.
3- Releasing fears and boycotts: I will not be able, I will injure myself …
4- Relaxation of bodily tensions. In addition to listening to your body, know when to stop, and take care of it.

At Just Breathe we propose for aerobic sport, a deep and continuous nose-only breath, as an infinite symbol in your breath.

And it turns out that this was already mentioned in Yoga texts regarding the Ujjayi breath and it’s very similar to what we are saying from our own experience.

Thanks @ capoeira.360 and @vinipsoares
For opening doors and being great instructors.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breath