Nani Tovar


Hi, I’m Nani Tovar.

My vocation is health and well-being.

This commitment started a very young age when I realized that people I loved were suffering. I was quite frustrated for not being able to help them. So I started my vital quest in search of truth.


After I did everything that was socially expected and still felt empty I started my own path. I have a degree in Pharmacy and 10 years sales experience in different Pharmaceutical Laboratories, as well as a Master’s degree in Personal Development and Leadership from the University of Barcelona. I am trained in Conscious Massage, Reiki, Tapping, Emotional Therapy following the Savam® method, I am a Breathing Coach inspired by Vivation method and founder of Just Breathe Method.

My desire to learn along with my spirit of adventure, led me to travel around the world (Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, USA, Central and South America). What helped me to experience all that knowledge and integrate the meaning of life … What is an endless cycle of learning. And how, if you locate yourself in that, there are no good or bad things, all are opportunities to learn.

You experience that human connections are the perfect mirror to realize that we are not our thoughts, nor our emotions. Feel that your home is in your heart and that you have to always be open to the new, not only when you travel, also in the usual place, and with the same people as always. And how LOVE itself and towards others, is the way to feel and internalize all this.


For this reason, I am passionate about accompanying people in their personal process, inviting them to live their own path from their deep freedom, and thus leave suffering.

Currently I teach, in addition to individual sessions, workshops and group breathing sessions, training in the Just Breathe method and I collaborate with different companies in order to help manage stress and encourage creativity in the workplace, through breathing.



I thank with all my heart to life for all the situations in which he has placed me, and the gift of learning that he has given me.

To my parents, for being my great teachers, for their love and their patience.

To each and every one of the people who have passed through my life, because we are all teachers and apprentices at the same time, and because thanks to them, today I am who I am.

And to all those who allow me to accompany them in their process, because I can not help feeling admiration for their courage in front of life.