Respira, y Suelta el Estrés

Ya tenemos la entrevista en el Programa a L’Ofici de Viure. Podéis oírlo en la web de Catalunya Ràdio.

Con Gaspar Hernandez (Periodista, Escritor y Creador de L’Ofici de Viure a TV3 y a Catalunya Rádio) Eva Juan (Psicóloga del Hospital de Sant Pau) y Nani Tovar (Farmacéutica i Creadora del Métode Just Breathe)

Puntos claves de la entrevista:
-Minuto 10.30: La herramienta que siempre está contigo.
-Minuto 16.30: Como la Respiración ayuda en momentos díficiles o muy duros.
-Minuto 19.29: La Respiración como ansiolítico natural.
-Minuto 25.20: La Respiración Natural es la experiencia de vivir en el “Aquí y en el Ahora”
-Minuto 33: ¿Qué es Just Breathe?
-Minuto 39.40: Método sutil y amoroso
-Minuto 46.10: La Felicidad.

¡Espero que os guste!

Breathe and Feel it


You are the only person who can make yourself happy. Breathe and feel it.

Value yourself, allow yourself, love yourself, and do not leave yourself behind.
Breathe and feel it.

Trust yourself and your abilities, because you are unique and that is your greatest power.
Breathe and feel it.

I invite you to a guided breathing session, so that you discover for yourself, how Natural Breathing can help you live from there.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

How to breathe while working out?

Whatever sport you practice, breathing well is vital in order to maintain high energy levels and get the best out of each training.

What are the benefits of breathing exercises while working out?
1- Better concentration and focus. Mental dispersion lowers performance.
2- Maintenance of energy during practice. Conscious and continuous breathing awakens your energy body.
3- Releasing fears and boycotts: I will not be able, I will injure myself …
4- Relaxation of bodily tensions. In addition to listening to your body, know when to stop, and take care of it.

At Just Breathe we propose for aerobic sport, a deep and continuous nose-only breath, as an infinite symbol in your breath.

And it turns out that this was already mentioned in Yoga texts regarding the Ujjayi breath and it’s very similar to what we are saying from our own experience.

Thanks @ capoeira.360 and @vinipsoares
For opening doors and being great instructors.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breath


When what is inside is reflected outside.
The other way around won’t work, because what’s inside will be seen outside.

Train your breathing, you will nurture yourself on the inside and you will shine on the outside.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

Breathe Dubai

The moment I begin to breathe as if life were a gift, life begins to act as such.

Breathe and understand that you are alive.
Breathe and understand that everything is helping you.
Breathe and understand that you are the world.
Breathe in compassion and breathe out joy.
Breathe and be one with the air you breathe.
Breathe and be one with the river that flows.
Breathe and be one with the land you walk on.
Breathe and be one with the fire that shines.
Breathe and discard the idea of ​​birth and death.
Breathe and you will see that impermanence is life.
Breathe for your joy of being stable and serene.
Breathe so your pain flows.
Breathe to renew all the cells in your body.
Breathe to renew the depths of consciousness.
Breathe and live in the here and now.
Breathe and everything you touch will be new and real.
(Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh)


Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.




If I could erase all the mistakes of my past, I would be erasing all the wisdom of my present.

The past is sacred to learn from and know how you want to live your present.

So, breathe in, connect with learning, and breathe out, with a thank you and goodbye.

Now, breathe in the sun, connect with your “sun”, there you are, in this present moment. Feel it…

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

Real Security


It is the inner state that allows you to live in full confidence, no matter what happens outside.

You can choose to live from the outside … Feel it within yourself:
-Wanting to be seen, approved, accepted
-Looking for love, recognition, success,
-Looking for money, health and eternal youth …
I insist, feel it within yourself.

Or you can choose to start, the path of living from the inside… Breathe, breathe a little more:
-I see myself, accept myself and allow myself to be,
-I am love, I love myself, and I recognize myself. Now I know that this is being successful.
-I trust life and myself. I am ready for what happens, because I choose to live from my nature of love, and learn from each experience.
Now breathe, and feel it within yourself..

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

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Nothing and nobody can ask you to stop being you.
Breathe, connect with yourself, with your higher self. Because its thoughts are at your disposal.
Breathe, feel it, act from there, and enjoy being you.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.

Just Breathe on Radio Star Terrassa

The wholeness that I long for is outside of rational thought, just as it is outside of irrational emotion.

Last Monday in Creating ties. Radio Star Terrassa (100.5F), we share how with a training in your Natural Breathing, you can learn to:

-Relax, relieve stress, anxiety and body tensions.
-Release emotional charges, anguish, saturation, uncertainty.
-Empower yourself, increasing your vitality and creativity.
-Trust and have a greater capacity for enjoyment in life.

🎙You can listen to the program in this Ivoox podcast:

It was a pleasure to share and collaborate with all of you 💙

Thanks: @noemibras @ @javiercasas_ie @marc_tarragona @radiostarterrassa @ ana.martinezg

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
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You choose to be the key, or the prison of yourself.
No one can tell you who you are as much as you can.

In Just Breathe, through Natural Breathing, we show you how to release the blocks of the mind, to be able to surrender to your nature of love.

Because breathing, inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe.