Companies today know that they need to take care of their number one asset, their team. Business can achieve some good short term results, but if employees are stressed those results will be hard to sustain for the long term.

Benefits of the Just Breathe method are as follows:
– Stress reduction
– Team building & focus on common goals
– Employees will feel more at ease being proactive and taking initiative
– Greater ability to resolve conflicts in the workplace
– More effective communication skills
– Improved leadership abilities
– Increased self confidence
– Increased creativity

However, if we focus on staff development and deal with employee malaise we can affect lasting changes which will increase motivation and allow your company to meet its objectives.

It is the development of people and how they relate to each other, which will ensure the growth of your company.

Our goal is to put emotional intelligence at the service of companies. With the simplest, most natural and practical tool that exists, breathing. Doing breath work in groups provides a creative outlet that helps people see an effective way to achieve the best results.

Renouncing the impulse to overthrow obstacles with the will and individual interest, and thus reach consensus (this would never be in business documents … it doesn’t sound corporate at all… I don’t know what it means).


The Just Breathe methodology will provide you with:
-Reduction of stress in the workplace.

– The development of employees’ talent, for the companies benefit with an ncrease creativity and initiative taking.

– Conflict resolution and team building for a common cause with an improveement in authentic and empowering improve authentic and empowering communication.

– Increased selfconfidence, and emotional intelligence for leadership.

– More energy, motivation and a better attitude, which will increase performance on and commitment to projects, the team and the company.

“Take care of your team and the health and results of your company will take care of




1-Courses: “Just Breathe Method”
Learn to take care of yourself through breathing, and you will have the perfect tool for your well-being, because you always breathe!

We will show you how to use your breath as a relaxation tool in your day to day life, in 5 steps. This will involve 5 breathing workshops where we will focus on different aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic states. Always breathing!

2-Conferences: “Just Breathe! and Release the Stress ”

ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO BREATHE? We breathe, but not naturally …

Breathing is the basis of everything: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sport … and of life itself! Why not work directly on it? AND, WHO TEACHES US TO BREATHE?

When we get stuck in our minds, we breathe badly. When we get stuck in our emotions, we breathe badly. We will explain how all this has an impact on your body and specifically on your breathing.


3-Corporate Retreats

Through breathing, you will not only feel calm and well, but we will teach you to use it in your daily life, because …


Our presentations are experientally based and will affect you team’s group dynamics. Breathing regulates and heals all aspects of people (body, mind, emotions and energy).

Breathing naturally, not only relaxes you, but also:

-Connects you to your own vitality
-Empowers you
-Increases your body awareness
-Calm your mind, to live in peace. In the end it is about recovering our natural rhythm of breathing.