I Breathe and…

Steadfast I stand in the world.
With certainty I tread the path of life.
Love I cherish in the core of my being.
Hope I carry into every deed.
Confidence I imprint upon my thinking.
These five lead me to my goal,
These five lead me to my existence.
“Rudolf Steiner”

Because breathing inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe! 

Breathe, and reside in your Center.


Would you like to make the world a better place?
I don’t think it can be done.
The world is sacred.
It can’t be improved. If you fondle it you ruin it. If you treat it as an object, you’ll lose it.

There are times when we stay in the front line and there are times when we stand behind.
Times to be moving and times to be relaxing.
Times to be vigorous and times to be exhausted.
Times to be safe and times to be in danger.

A Master sees things the way they are without trying to control them.
Let them follow their course and reside in the center of the circle.


Because breathing inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe!

Breathe and Free yourself

•From being self demanding and your mental punishment
•Attachments and emotional fears
•From feeling phisically exhausted

BREATHE OUT and let go of the loop with
BREATHE IN and connect with your SUN, your Center

Breathe and take care of yourself in the PROCESS of CONQUERING yourself.

Because breathing inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe!

21 DÍAS de Reconexión (WhatsApp)

Hola a tod@s!

Queremos daros la bienvenida a un proceso de reconexión con la Respiración Natural

Somos Nani y Marc y a partir de hoy martes 29 y durante los siguientes 21 días, os invitaremos a que dirijáis vuestra Atención hacia vuestra Respiración en diferentes momentos de vuestra vida cotidiana, por lo que no supondrá un gran esfuerzo, ni en tiempo, ni en dedicación.

Aprender a recuperar la respiración de los bebés te aportará:

*Calma mental

*Relajación Corporal

*Balance Emocional

*Empoderamiento y Revitalización

Aprende a adquirir el hábito de permanecer Presente en tu Respiración y tu Vida se transformará de una manera mágica.

Empezamos hoy 29-10-2019!

Invitad a vuestr@s amig@s compartiendo el enlace!



Porque respirar, inspira! 🌀
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I learn to breathe. I learn to Accept myself

I learn to accept, to value myself. Now I can explore being with me.

Finally I am not afraid to breathe. I breathe, and I’m being myself. Not what I’m supposed to be, or what I think I am. I am myself.

Because breathing inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe!

Breathwork in Dubai

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you always breathe, Don’t you?

Learn how to use the tool that is always with you, your Breathing, to promote Health and Wellness in your life.

Thank you Dubai and the beautiful people there, for your openness and welcome.

Because to breathe inspires! 🌀
Learn how to breathe with Just Breathe!