Breathing workshop



Maybe you want to relax, release stress, or let go of anxious thoughts…

If so, we invite you to do a deep and transforming journey in to you connecting with all dimensions; MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and ENERGY.

Nani will guide you though an amazing process using Natural Breathing, guided meditation, channeled reiki energy to serve you in connecting with your SUN, your essence, which is, your source of vitality, playfulness and joy.



-A calm mind, so we can listen to our heart.

-A relaxed body, to increase our body awareness

-Release of emotions, in order to be empowered.

-Move energy, to increase your vitality.


Natural Breathing connects, release and enables a synergy of four pillars, that is, mind, body, emotions and energy, to live our lives to the fullest.

With this practice you will gain clarity in your life, reaching a deeper connection with your body as a vessel of joy and energy. The breathing techique functions as a tool to process and transmute old and new emotions to live authentically and free.

Additionally, with Natural Breathing, we are going to learn how to breathe properly in our daily life, to feel calm in our bodies and mind, to feel empowered in our daily lives.





FACILITATOR: Nani Tovar is an international Breathwork Facilitator. She developed the Natural Breathing method called Just Breathe which is a Breathing Technique that helps people release and connect with the four human pillars: Mind, Body, Emotions and Energy. She holds her Masters in Personal Development and Leadership. She is also a Reiki, Tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique therapist. With more than 10 years of Personal Development experience.

OPTIONAL comfortable clothing, we only take off our shoes
DATES: January 23th 6:30 – 8 pm /January 27th 7:15 – 8.45 pm / January 30th 2 – 5 pm
ADDRESS: Just Be Holistic Center, 102 Al Woushar Street Umm Suqeim 1 (DUBAI)

If you are interested, you let us know to send you the bank details.

** We guide individually, because each person breathes differently.

** We work with small groups.

** Any level is welcome and encouraged to participate in this powerful experience.

Breathing workshop
30-01-21 10:00 a 20:00