Program: Breathe to unlock your Potential



This program is a deep and transforming journey inside of you connecting with all dimensions; MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and ENERGY.

I work with Just Breeathe Method, my own method, which is a Breathwork technique, done subtly, where freedom, presence and empowerment happen through loving and nourishing breathing towards oneself.

So I will guide you through this process using Natural Breathing, to relax, release stress, or let go of anxious thoughts to serve you in connecting with your center, which is your source of vitality, playfulness and joy.

With this training I encourage you to reconnect with your Natural Breathing in your everyday life. Because breathing well, promotes your health, wellbeing and it empowers you.




1.- Relieves stress and anxiety
2.- Calmness, peace and mental clarity
3.- Releasing fears and emotional charges
4.- Relaxing bodily tensions
5.- Confidence and inner strength
6.- Greater capacity for enjoying life

With this practice you will gain clarity in your life, reaching a deeper connection with who we really are, to live our lives to the fullest.Maybe you’re going through an intense vital moment that you need to let go and for someone to be with you. Or maybe, you just have a desire to search, explore and improve yourself.

We breathe the emotional patterns correcting the impact they have on the body, consequently you de-identify yourself from your pattern and increase your personal awareness.

Thus in each session the person experiences that liberation, emotionally, physically and mentally, as if layers of onion were involved, that oppress us, and that do not allow us to be ourselves.

We will be able to integrate and emotionally heal the present, many times from the past, so that your ability to live connected with well-being increases so you feel fuller, happier and able to be yourself.