What is Just Breathe?

We Breathe, but not naturally…

Maybe you want to relax, release stress or let go of life’s anxieties.  Perhaps what you want is to find yourself, to explore and to develop.





-A Calm mind, so we can listen to our heart.

-A relaxed body, to increase our body awareness.

-Freedom of emotions, in order to be empowered.

-Move energy, to increase your vitality.

Breathing is the basis of everything: Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sport …

and of life itself!

Why don’t we work directly on breathing?

but, Who Teaches us how to breathe properly?




The first thing we do when we are born is to breathe and it will be the last. This is the only vital function that can heal and which we can regulate.

Natural Breathing connects and transforms all the aspects of the human being, that is, mind, body, emotions and energy. Create a synergy between all of them, it makes us connect with who we really are.

And who are we really? We are that SUN that sustains the mind, the body, the emotions and the energy. And we are not just our mind, our body, our emotions or our energy. Living from our SUN is the great challenge of the human being. Breathing with the Just Breathe Method, makes you connect with your SUN.

The origin of our tensions, stress, anxiety … is emotional repression (which has its origin in our mental map). It means not paying attention to our emotions, so as to avoid suffering. This has an impact on our body, and specifically on our Breathing.

They may be personal, professional or family pressures, that we avoid tackling by diverting our attention to anything. But and in return we end up with physical tensions, mental fatigue, emotional inestability … in other words, stress.



1-To learn how to Breathe Properly: We have lost this in our path to childhood. Because we get caught up into the mind, we breathe badly, because we get caught up into the emotions, we breathe badly.

During this learning process, we will release our mental-emotional pattern. Experiencing that we are neither our emotions, nor our thoughts. This will help you to tap into your internal serenity. You will be able to be present in your breathing in your daily life, and you will feel better immediately.

2-Introduction to Meditation: If you want to start meditating, first you need to free yourself from anything that blocks you. First Just Breathe, and then you will achieve the mental calm necessary for Meditation.

You will see how by focusing your attention to the 4 pillars of the human being (mind, emotions, body and energy) and not only in some of them, you will naturally and effectively be able to meditate.

3-Emotional Release and Management: When someone give us a fright, the first thing we do instinctively, is to stop our breathing. In fact, we live like in a scary movie, we spend our lifes stopping our breathing. Therefore, also naturally, by paying attention to our breathing and by working directly on it, it can provide an emotional discharge.

4-Body Awareness: To be present in your breathing is to be present in your body. Then, the mind automatically calms down, and we can detect any small tension or anomaly, preventing further damage. As well as gaining the best physical performance.

5-Awakening the Energetic Body: We are energy. Scientifically and socially, it is already accepted. However, we do not live open to it. The Natural Breathing without pauses helps to awaken our energetic body, consequently we obtain another energetic vibrational state, with an increase in our vitality.


“Your breathing should flow with elegance, like the waters of the river, like a snake crossing the water, and not like a chain of steep mountains, nor like a horse galloping. Being aware of your breathing is being aware of your body, of your mind, your emotions, and your energy. Whenever you feel immersed in dispersion and you find it difficult to recover temperance, resort to the system of observing your breathing. ” (Thich Nhat Hanh)




This is aimed to people eagerly wanting to manage stress, release tension and who are interested in personal development.

Additionally, Executives and Leaders who want to manage their team’s stress and creativity may also interested.



Although we move around the world, the base of Just Breathe is in Barcelona, Centro Alfamar, C/ Roger de Llúria, 46 1º 2º