Just Breathe,  stems from the principle that we are all energy.  Circular Breathing allows you to move your body’s energy and therefore release your blocked emotions.


Everything is energy, thoughts are a type of energy, the emotions and your body are also energy.  However, we are not conscious we are energy. Circular breathing, continuously and without pauses…..and experience life from the energy that you are.

From childhood we have blocked our breathing and tensed our bodies to avoid what causes us pain.  The example is clearly seen when someone gives us a fright. We stop our breathing so as to not feel uncomfortable in a specific situation.  This mechanism developed by not paying attention with time produces more discomfort.

Therefore, Just Breathe is an invitation to breathe and feel the body in order to calm the mind and tend to our emotions by moving our energy.  When we connect with ourselves in this way we unblock and free ourselves.

There are different types of benefits.  In function with our objective we can release stress, free yourself from specific aspects that make us tense or advance towards a deeper healing of our emotions and resolve conflicts.

It’s worth highlighting that paying attention to our breathing automatically increases our body’s awareness, therefore we will be able to care and maximise our physical performance.

Nonetheless, the ultimate goal is to care for our overall wellbeing through to recover the Natural Breathing.


In the end it’s all about being at peace and enjoying the present moment!