Maybe you need a break to revitalize and meet new people.

We present you the Just Breathe weekends . Intensive  workshop to learn to use, Natural Breathing, in your daily life, in fusion with:



-Breathing and movement,

-Free time…



1-Mental calm

2-Body tensions relaxation

3-Emotional Balance

4-Increase vitality

Just Breathe is an invitation to reconnect with Natural Breathing in your daily life. Because breathing properly, promotes health and well-being.



Breathing, in Just Breathe, connects and works the 4 pillars of the human being at the same time (mind, body, emotions, and energy). This creates a synergy between them, that makes the process of learning and releasing patterns that boycott us more effective.

Just Breathe is much more than learning how to breathe in your daily life. We teach you to use your breath as the best personal development tool, because it is always with you!


These workshops aim to offer a complete experience of what it means to live connected with the breathe.

As you know, breathing acts holistically in the human being, integrating all its parts, in order to live connected one hundred percent with life and with the present moment.


What we are going to experience?

Although you will see that everything happens simultaneously, we are going to practice different dynamics and exercises, feeling the great contribution of the breath at a corporal, mental, emotional and energetic level.



1-Body: We will see the effect of breathing on our body position, in addition to those discomforts and physical tensions, which often accompany us.

2-Mental: We will manage to relax and calm the mind. Meditation will be our reward.



3-Emotional: We will feel the effect breathing has on our emotions and body.

4-Energy: We will connect with our energy to increase vitality and to feel our body in authentic way. Subtleness is the goal here and the big gift as well.


We are going to integrate all these aspects to connect with positivism, joy and self-confidence.