Group Sessions

Learn how to breathe well and you will live calmly, because…




The impact of emotions on a physical level is stronger than we imagine. Even our body’s position depends on our emotional pattern. An unattended emotion influences our body, and especially our breathing.

Because we get hooked on the mind, we breathe badly. Because we get hooked on emotions, we breathe badly. And, who teaches us how to breathe well?

We must consider the human being in its totality, that is, mind, emotions, body and energy. Breathing connects and works all of these aspects, that’s why it is so powerful and effective.

Breathing invites you to live through the heart, not through your emotions.



We are going to create this habit in you, so that you are aware of your breathing and can relax whenever you need it. Because, wherever you are, whatever you do, you always breathe!

By breathing you will move your energy, oxygenate, relax and feel your body. You will see that both emotions and thoughts come and go, and that you are not them.

Each person has a different emotional pattern, which causes the emotions to impact the breathing and the body in a specific way for each one. Thus, the way in which breathing is guided is personalized.




With these sessions, you will have the perfect tool to apply it all in your daily life. Therefore, the release of stress will be complete, real, and self-confidence will increase.

The body will never cheat you, the mind will. Breathe and listen to it for real, because it is the best instrument you have to achieve well-being.

This society which is addicted to intensity, will make us stop feeling. We live as we breathe, without realizing it, fast and superficially. I invite you to breathe, to be aware of it, slowly and deeply, to feel the subtleties of your environment. Subtleness is the real intensity……